* Regular course price is $1868.00. This includes 3 days of Dreamweaver training and 2 days of Flash training. Discount price of $1495.00 shown above for Early bird (30 day + advanced booking).

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5 Day Dreamweaver and Flash Web Boot Camp

Need to learn all you can about building well designed and Google friendly web sites? Our exclusive web "Boot Camp" is perfect for you!

In only 5 days, you can get a great start in learning the learn the 2 top web site building applications with Dreamweaver and Flash back to back!

Web site design can be difficult to learn on your own or only from manuals. Our Instructor led web boot camp will teach you everything you need to know about the tricks of the trade - from an experienced web designer and Adobe Certified Instructor.

Dreamweaver can write all the complex html code for you saving you time and money. Learn how Dreamweaver and Flash can work like a dynamic duo (BAM - POW-WHAM! ) to create compelling content for your website.

Gain the skills, strategies, and technical prowess you need for developing a mind blowing understanding of these Adobe web products.

Our training courses are a hands on, fun and affordable way to learn new technology.

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Flash - Day 4-5
Flash Activities

* Discover and Customize the Workspace
* Drawing and Painting Tools
* Working with timelines
* Layers
* Transform Objects
* Vector VS Bitmap Images
* Using Bitmap Images
* Type Essentials
* Creating Simple Banner Ads
* Creating Logo Animations
* Easing
* Symbols & Instances
* Working with Frames
* Shape Tweens
* Classic Tweens
* Publishing an SWF
* Motion Tweens
* Masks
* Adding Sound
* Movie Clips
* Image Slide Shows
* Complex Animations
* Motion Preset Panel
* Advanced Easing
* Effect Panel
* Nested Animations
* Bones Tool (I.K)
* Using the Motion Editor
* Creative Buttons
* Using Flash Video
* Simple Actionscript
* Build a Flash Web site
* Advanced Animation
* Spray Brush
* Scatter Brush
* 3D Transformations
* Motion Presets

On completion of this level you will have created an exciting flash experience, with advanced motion and animations incorporated into a web site

Dreamweaver Day 1-3
Dreamweaver Activities

* Concepts of Web Designing
* Understanding HTML
* Define a Web site
* FTP Uploads
* Essentials of Font CSS
* Inserting Images
* Understanding Image Types
* Table Based Web site Creation
* Introduction to Tags
* Organizing Files and Folders
* Create Hyperlinks
* Uploading a Basic Site
* Create a Template
* Rollovers Buttons
* Create Image Maps
* Hot Spots
* Working in Code View
* Related Documents Bar
* External CSS
* Classes & ID's
* Create Anchors
* Create Email Links
* Creating a Centered Site
* Background Repeats
* Adding Forms
* Newsletter Signup Form
* DIV Tag Layout of a Site
* Using CSS for Layout
* Absolute Positioning
* Code Navigator
* Google Adwords
* Google Keywords
* Live View
* Live Code
* Search Engine Optimization
* Google Friendly Sites
* Centered DIV Tag Site
* Spry Interface Widgets
* Spry Drop Down Menus
* Spry Tool Tips
* Adding Analytics & Statistics
* Inserting Flash
* Adding Video to a Site

On Completion of this level you will have created an dynamic site that has great Google searchablily!