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Three Day Photoshop® Training class in
Las Vegas using Creative Suite 5

Beat the House - win big in Las Vegas, with our 3 day Adobe Photoshop class.

It's a fact that Photoshop® is the most powerful digital editing program on the market today - but it can be difficult to learn on your own.

We provide our students with a win-win situation.

We have Adobe Certified Instructors, a safe learning environment, and a comfortable, professional classroom setting. We keep our class sizes small (no more than 8 students) - to further enhance your learning experience.

The class is jam-packed with hands-on exercises - so that our students can learn by doing.

Students new to Photoshop® will learn to use this powerful digital editing tool to touch up and modify existing photos and to create their own powerful graphics for print and the web. If you create images professionally , or if you just want to take your art or photographic work to a new level, Photoshop® is a tool that gives you the ultimate in creative control.

You will learn how to turn ordinary pictures into beautiful photographs. We will also help you to learn how to exercise a greater degree of creative control over you photos.

You will learn how to make simple and advanced masks for clipping around people and objects. We cover many of the areas that confuse self- taught learners, simplifying and clarifying complex concepts. Soon you will be producing incredible images that will be ready for print or posting on the web.

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the computer operating system you are using.

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You receive a great deal on quality Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or Flash Creative Suite 5 training in Las Vegas, Nevada - its simple as that.

Check back this summer for an updated 2012 class calendar at our new location!

Photoshop®- Day 3

Photoshop®Level 3 Activities

* Automating Tasks
* Recording and Playing Actions
* Integrating Adobe Applications
* Advanced Masking Techniques
* Working with Channels
* Advanced Masks
* Advanced Selection Techniques
* Advanced Layer Modes
* Vanishing Point 2.0
* Creating in Duo tones
* Smart Objects
* Non-Destructive Smart Filters
* Working with Camera Raw
* Making a Droplet
* Auto-Align, Auto-Blend, and
* Photo merge

You will have the skills to create photomontages that can be used in your photography and also in newsletters, advertising and web sites.

Photoshop®- Day 2

Photoshop®Level 2 Activities

* Creating Advanced Photo Montage
* Perspective Cropping
* Photo Editing
* Enhancing Image Quality
* Applying Custom Fills
* Working with Layers
* Working with Layers Modes
* Masking Essentials
* Apply Special Effects to a Layer
* Context aware scaling
* Understanding the Save For Web features

Photoshop®- Day 1
Photoshop®Level 1 Activities

* Adding file info
* Setting preferences
* Custom keyboard shortcuts
* Organizing the palettes
* Basic Color Adjustment
* Shadows, Highlights, and Mid tones
* A first look at Curves
* Introduction to Levels
* Image Size and Resolution
* Cropping and Straightening
* Making Selections
* Color Replacement
* Red-Eye Functionality
* Effects Panel
* Creating Simple Photo Montage
* Saving and Exporting