Flash Training in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Flash Training in Las Vegas using CS4 & CS5 !

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Enroll in our two day,Flash Training class, led by an experienced, Adobe Certified Instructor.

Learn how to create and deliver rich interactive content. After completing this class, you will be able to create animated ad banners, slide shows, 3D graphics and web sites incorporating flash content. .

Our Adobe Certified Instructors with real world experience will show you how to roll the dice and make your point - by showing how to effectively create compelling flash content for banner ads and animating logos and testimonials.

flash logoLearn to easily and effectively integrate video and animations into your web site. We will cover Flash Actionscript using simple examples and building upon your new knowledge step by step. We will also show you how to blend Flash quickly with existing HTML web sites and how you can use it with Adobe Dreamweaver to create dynamic content while keeping the site search engine friendly.

You will bring traditional print publishing to life online with Flash animation techniques. If you are a graphic artist, you will see how to make better use of you logos, brands, and advertisements by bringing them to life on the web. You don't have to be a graphic designer to use this powerful program - everyone attending will be amazed at how easy it is to create mind blowing web animations.

Our classes not only teach you Flash - but teach you in such a way that is fun and very rewarding. Our training classes are a good blend of lecture followed by practical, hands on training, and they are a fun, affordable way to learn new technology.

At Adobe Trainer, saving money is easy - just book your class 30 days in advance, and you will receive a 20% discount on our already budget priced classes.

You receive a great deal on quality Adobe Creative Suite 5 training in Las Vegas, Nevada - its simple as that.


Check back this summer for an updated 2012 class calendar at our new location!

Flash®- Day 2
* Font Essentials
* Masks
* Adding Sound
* Movie Clips
* Image Slide Shows
* Complex Animations
* Motion Preset Panel
* Advanced Easing
* Effect Panel
* Nested Animations
* Bones Tool (I.K)
* Using the Motion Editor
* Creative Buttons
* Using Flash Video
* Simple Actionscript
* Build a Flash Web site
* Advanced Animation
* Spray Brush
* Scatter Brush
* 3D Transformations

Upon completion of this level you will have created a more complex flash experience, with advanced motion and animations incorporated into a web site

Flash®- Day 1
* Concepts of Web Designing
* Understanding HTML
* Discover the Workspace
* Drawing and Painting Tools
* Working with timelines
* Layers
* Transform Objects
* Vector VS Bitmap Images
* Using Bitmap Images
* Type Essentials
* Creating Simple Banner Ads
* Creating Logo Animations<
* Easing
* Symbols & Instances
* Working with Frames
* Shape Tweens
* Classic Tweens
* Publishing an SWF
* Motion Tweens

Upon completion of this level you will have a basic understanding of Flash.