Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Question section - most common questions are covered on this page. If something is not covered, we always welcome your feedback and you are welcome to contact us with any questions.

What to expect - starting time, breaks, etc.

We would like you to arrive at the training facility a little bit early ( 9:30 am and 9:45 am) to get settled in, plug in and power up your laptops. The training session begins promptly at 10:00am. We start with a quick introduction, then settle into the class.

During the day, we take a number of breaks. In the morning and afternoon, we take short breaks, and we will take a longer break (approx 1 hour) at lunch time. We do provide our students with complimentary beverages and snacks in the break room. There are places close by where you can purchase a lunch, or if you would like, you can bring your own lunch.

The end of the day is at approximately 5:00pm.

On your final day of class, we will issue you your certificate of course completion.

And finally, remember your booking is accepted in accordance with the Adobe Trainer Standard Terms and Conditions.

If you need to reschedule or cancel a class, please give us as much notice as possible to minimize cancellation or rescheduling charges.

What kind of computer do I need to bring to the class?

Both Mac and PC users can attend our classes. Whether you bring a Mac or a PC laptop to class, you will be able to follow along fine.

Just make sure that your system meets the Minimum System Requirements to run CS5.

Our laptop rentals are always available in the event your system does not meet the requirements.

What if I'm using an older version of the software (CS2, CS3, or CS4)?

The class will be taught in the Adobe CS5 version, but you will find that most features covered work in much the same way as in CS3 & CS4. The instructor will point out the differences where they exist, if content or menus are different in earlier versions.

There is a 30day FREE trial software available to download from Adobe Creative Suites 3,4, and 5 all run perfectly together on both PC and Mac platforms, so there is no need to uninstall earlier versions.

I don't own the program. Do I have to purchase it before attending the class?CS5_download

Don't Worry - Adobe has a full 30 day working trial copy for all their products. They can be downloaded for free from the adobe web site,

Do not worry if you have older versions of the product as CS5, CS4, CS3 all run happily on the same computer without the need to uninstall anything.

How about laptops for me to use - do you have them?

Yes, we have quality laptops for your use at affordable rates. Just let us know that you will need one during your booking.

For more information see our rate chart below.

Can I bring in my desktop computer? - I don't have a laptop.

Yes, you can bring in your desktop, as long as you can carry it in.

You might also consider using one of our laptops for the class
(see rates below).

Do you provide instructional material and class notes for each course we attend?

Yes - We use Adobe's "Classroom in a Book" as a master reference guide for our Adobe Classes, and provide supplimental materials you can take home so you can reinforce the lessons covered in class on your own later.


How many people are usually in your class?

We have a maximum of 8 people but more often classes tend to be with 4-6 people. Smaller class sizes facilitate better learning and more one on one time with the instructor.

Will I receive a certificate for this class?

Yes! Everyone who attends our classes will receive a personalized certificate of completion for each class attended - we issue the certificates on the last day of the class. .

I can't leave work for 5 days in a row - is it ok if I split my course?

YES - we realize that sometimes for work or personal reasons, can't take a block of three or five days off in a row. Just let us know when you are booking, and we can arrange for you to take the classes at different times as they are offered.

How can I get more information about the course?

Most of the information can be obtained right through this web site - also, you can email us with any questions not covered.

Can I move or cancel my course dates?

Yes , applicable to our Terms and Conditions. We will try to work with you as we can to reschedule dates subject to available space. .




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