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Dreamweaver Training using CS4 & CS5 !

Website design can seem overwhelming and confusing, especially to beginners. Our Adobe Certified Instructors can help you build your confidence with Dreamweaver. Our small classes and personalized training approach allows you to master each lesson in a series of small steps, allowing you to build confidence as you go through the well structured lessons.

The class is fun, and we help take the mystery out of website creation and maintenance.

After finishing the class, you will understand the mechanics behind building a professional website that is fully funcitonal and well organized. We also help you understand what has to be done to make a site appear at the top of the Google listings, and what an existing site can do to increase their positions with the leading seach engine listings.

If you are new to web site design, this class is a great start for you. If you have experience in other website applications, you will find this course very useful in making you feel more confident about your next web project, using the powerful tools in Dreamweaver.

What's New in Dreamweaver CS5??

Join Terry White as he walks you through the brand new Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 extended.

Our Dreamweaver Training will give you skills, strategies, and technical insights for succesfully creating websites, and will give you a good foundation in the basics needed to master the web.

Our classes are hands on - they are fun, and they are affordible. You can enjoy yourself while learning a new technology.

At Adobe Trainer, saving money is easy - If you book your class 30 days in advance you receive 20% off our reasonalby priced classes.

It's a great deal on quality Adobe Training by certified instructors. It is as simple as that.


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Dreamweaver - Level 3
Dreamweaver Level 3 Activities

* DIV Tag Layout of a Site
* Using CSS for Layout
* Absolute Positioning
* Code Navigator
* Live View
* Live Code
* Em VS Px
* Search Engine Optimization
* Google Friendly Sites
* Centered DIV Tag Site
* Spry Interface Widgets
* Spry Drop Down Menus
* Spry Tool Tips
* Adding Analytics - Statistics
* Inserting Flash
* Adding Video to a Site
* Photoshop - Dreamweaver Integration

On Completion of this level you will have created an dynamic site that has great Google searchablily.

Dreamweaver - Level 2
Dreamweaver Level 2 Activities

* Essentials of Fonts
* Cascading Style Sheets
* Create a Template
* Rollovers Buttons
* Create Image Maps
* Hot Spots
* Working in Code View
* Related Documents Bar
* External CSS
* Classes - ID's
* Create Anchors
* Create Email Links
* Creating a Centered Site
* Background Repeats
* Adding Forms
* Newsletter Signup Form

On completion of this level you will have created a more complete site with advanced text formatting plus exciting and essential features

Dreamweaver - Level 1
Dreamweaver Level 1 Activities

* Concepts of Web Designing
* Understanding HTML
* Define a Website
* FTP Uploads
* Inserting Images
* Understanding Image Types
* Table Based Website Creation
* Introduction to Tags
* Organizing Files and Folders
* Create Hyperlinks
* Uploading a Basic Site

Upon completion of this level you will have created a very basic website with images, links and basic text formatting.