Adobe Certified Training in Las Vegas - for Less.

We deal you a winning hand on quality software training - and pass on big savings to you!!

We provide affordable Adobe training from Adobe Certified Instructors, right here in Las Vegas - the entertainment capitol of the world.

Our training center is Nevada owned and operated. We love locals and out of town visitors alike -and we know you will be satisfied with our classes - guaranteed!

Bring a laptop to class and save!

Bring a laptop (Windows or Mac) to the classroom, and we will provide quality Adobe training.

Our goal is to insure that you can confidently apply your newly acquired skills when you leave the class. We also help you learn how to apply these skills effectively in real world situations.

Our Adobe Certified Experts and Instructors on staff to have created our Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, and Flash CS5 course materials to be clear, easy to follow, and well structured.

Most large training facilities need a minimum number of students to offer a class. If they don't get enough people, they simply cancel it. This can be a major hassle if you have booked non-refundable flights and hotel reservations.

Good news - We don't have minimum attendance requirements. Once you have booked your class, scheduled your trip, and made your hotel reservations, you can be confident that the class will not be canceled.

If we have one person registered for the class, the class is held as scheduled. It's that straight forward.

We recommend that no matter which training provider you decide on, ask about minimum class attendance requirements and cancellation policies before making flight and hotel arrangements.

Forget Something?

We have a generous course repeat policy. If there is any concept or idea you haven’t fully understood during the class, we invite you to sit in a future class (during the part of the class covering those concepts) within six (6) months of the original class, completely free of charge.

We use quality training materials in the classroom that are yours to keep. You can work through the exercises presented in the class at your convenience, in your home or office, to reinforce your training experience.

Our well qualified instructors give you plenty of help and encouragement as we all work together through the practical lab exercises.Our class sizes are small (2-8) people to help further enhance your learning experience. We want to make sure that you have plenty of one on one time with the instructor.

small_class_photoWe offer our classes in a professional business setting. We also have a break room and kitchen area available, and provide complementary snack and beverage service.

In our experience, having your own laptop in class is a big advantage - it eliminates the need to transfer files, or to setup your files on another machine later in order to recreate the lessons you have covered in class.

In case you don't have a laptop, we have high performance Windows laptops preloaded with the software available for you to use in class at reasonable rates. If your laptop is more than a few years old, please check the system requirements on on the products we offer training on in Creative Suite 5 below:

Early Birds Save More!!

Saving money is easy - just book your class 30 days in advance, and you will receive a 20% discount off our already low prices.

You receive a great deal on quality Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or Flash Creative Suite 5 training in Las Vegas, Nevada - its simple as that.

Check back this summer for an updated 2012 class calendar at our new location!

Flash CS4 & CS5 Classes


Learn how to create and deliver rich interactive content. After completing this class, you will be able to create animated ad banners, slide shows, 3D graphics and web sites incorporating flash content.
We will show you how to effectively make your point by creating compelling content for banner ads, animated logos and testimonials.

Dreamweaver CS4 & CS5 Classes

If you are new to web site design, this class is a great start for you.

If you have experience in other website applications, you will find this course very useful in making you feel more confident about your next web project, using the powerful tools in Dreamweaver.

Photoshop CS4 & CS5 Classes


You will learn how to turn ordinary pictures into beautiful photographs. We will also help you to learn how to exercise a greater degree of creative control over you photos.

We cover many of the areas that confuse self- taught learners, simplifying and clarifying complex concepts. Soon you will be producing incredible images that will be ready for print or posting on the web.

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